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2024.06.16 | Validation of Palm Oil Biogas Carbon Credit Project
Eco-Ideal recently supported a major biogas developer in Malaysia for their inaugural validation of their palm oil biogas carbon credit group project. Third party validation is a requirement for carbon credit projects following international voluntary carbon credit standards and it involves a thorough review and validation by an approved validation and verification body (VVB). The overall validation process went smoothly and now we look forward to finalise the validation report together with the validator and move on to the registration process.

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2024.06.07 | Holistic Management of Construction and Demolition Waste for Sarawak 
Eco-Ideal is excited to be appointed as the consultant to focus on improving the management of construction and demolition (C&D) waste generated in Sarawak. The study will include developing the baseline data and existing management of C&D waste, review of legal and institutional requirements for improvement, technological solutions for recovery and recycling of C&D waste, potential introduction of economic instrument, development of secondary material market and standards and so on.  

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2024.06.01 | Carbon Stock Assessment for Reforestration and Conservation Areas 
Eco-Ideal is pleased to be appointed the consultant to perform a carbon stock analysis for a reforestration area by one of the major palm oil conglomenrates to assess the carbon stock changes since the project inception. The project will also include assessing carbon stock baseline for conservation areas throughout Malaysia. Monitoring, verification and reporting are important elements of carbon removal initiatives. Comprehensive documentation is crucial to demonstrate transparency and integrity of such actions. 
Do reach out to us should you require such support!


2024.05.22 | EU Switch Asia 6th Annual Meeting in Almaty Kazakstan  
Eco-Ideal participated in the 6th Annual Meeting organised by the Switch Asia Programme supported by the European Union from 20-21 May 2024 in Almaty, Kazakstan. The meeting was attended by a wide range of participants, including international organisations, grant receivers, EU delegations in different parts of Asia, partner implementers, technical experts involved in sustainable consumption and production, circular economy area. Our CEO Soon assisted in facilitating discussions on plastic waste management as well as closing the recycled secondary material loop.


2024.05.18 | Carbon Market Roundtable 
Our CEO Soon Hun Yang recently participated in a close door roundtable discussion on carbon market development. The roundtable discussion is held in conjunction to the Asia Carbon Conference organised by Argus in Kuala Lumpur. The roundtable included a variety of participants representing government, carbon traders, carbon credit rating agencies, consultants as well as industries such as oil and gas, iron and steel industry and so on. 

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2024.05.15 | Argus Asia Carbon Conference Participation
Our CEO Soon Hun Yang presented at the Argus Asia Carbon Conference held in Kuala Lumpur from 13-15 May 2024. This international conference, graced by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability (NRES), gathered a wide range of international and local participants representing government, private sectors as well as NGOs and media. The focus of the event is on the current and future carbon market trend, latest development in carbon credit project types, integrity and transparency issues, elaboration of challenges and opportunities and so on. Soon presented on the topic of how Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) will affect industries in Asia and whether it would present a driver towards low carbon investment and transition within the Asian region. 

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2024.05.05 | Due Dilligence Advisory for Biomethane in Sarawak
Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd has been appointed by a multinational company to review and provide an independent assessment to due diligence report made on biomethane production from palm oil biogas in Sarawak. The advisory will include both technical and financial aspects. This proposal will help to address the existing wastage of methane gas captured from palm oil mill effluent which is mainly flared or released without any treatment. 


2024.04.27 | SWITCH-Asia Malaysia Business Engagement Workshop on Circular Economy
Circular economy requires businesses to innovate and create new solutions and ecosystems. European Union supported SWITCH-ASIA programme recently organised a workshop to explore how to mobilise businesses to embark on circular economy solutions within the ASEAN region. Our CEO Soon HY participated in the event and it is nice to see young entrepreneur setting up material closed loop solutions in Malaysia, including rubber, glass and textile. Find out more here:

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2024.04.08 | GHG Inventory for Diversified Public Listed Group
Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn. Bhd. has been appointed by a diversified conglomerate which is public listed on Bursa Malaysia to undertake its inaugural GHG Inventory to fulfil sustainability reporting requirement by 2025. The group's business include renewable energy, packaging, quarries, plantation and properties. 

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2024.03.31 | Climate-Related Disclosure - Physical Risk Assessment
By 2025, public listed companies in Malaysia, including financial institutions will need to disclose their climate-related risk under the Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD). It is timely for corporate to start mapping out their assets against various physical risks due to climate change. In Malaysia, flooding would be the biggest physical risk and the first step would be to get your assets geo-coded and assessed their exposure to potential flooding impacts. Do contact Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd should you want to know more.


2024.03.23 | First POME Biogas Group Project Registered in Malaysia under VERRA
On 21st of March, the much awaited palm oil mill biogas group project has finally been registered by one of the largest voluntary carbon standard - VERRA. The first project registered under the group project is the Cenergi's 1.5 MW Langkap Biogas Project and the carbon credit development was managed by Monsoon Carbon Pte Ltd based in Singapore. Eco-Ideal is pleased to provide technical support throughout the entire project documention, validation and registration processes. Congratulations!

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2024.03.14 | Canadian Green Technologies for Malaysia
Eco-Ideal is pleased to be appointed to support the Team Canada Trade Mission to Malaysia in 2024. Eco-Ideal will assist to compile  market report on the landscape as well as opportunities for canadian companies whom will be in Malaysia 25-29 March 2024. The contingent would be led by the honourable Minister of Trade Ms. Mary Ng from Canada. Our CEO Engr. Soon will be presenting and moderating at an event on 25th March 2024.


2024.03.09 | Technical Support in Carbon Monitoring and Reporting for Major Bank in Malaysia
Eco-Ideal will continue to assist one of the top five banks in Malaysia to continue monitoring their carbon emissions and reduction action plans. This marks the fifth year Eco-Ideal has been providing supporting services especially in the area of technical quality assurance as well as quantification of low carbon initiatives implemented. Continuous monitoring and reporting is a crucial process to ensure carbon reduction targets will be achieved. 

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2024.03.02 | Argus Asia Carbon Conference in Kuala Lumpur, May 2024
Our CEO Soon Hun Yang will be speaking at the upcoming Argus Asia Carbon Conference which would be held in Shangrila Hotel Kuala Lumpur in May 2024. He will be speaking on the subject of European Union's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and it's impact as well opportunities on the affected industries such as Iron and Steel, Alumninium and Cement Industries in Malaysia.
For more information:


2024.02.29 | Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) for European Imports
To avoid carbon leakages, the European Union is in progress to implement a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) to ensure all products imported to EU will be subjected to carbon tax based on the product carbon intensity. Currently, the reporting phase has started with affected companies initiating their greenhouse gases emission development. In 2026, the CBAM will be enforced with a phasing in approach and companies will be expected to pay full CBAM certificate price by 2035. Affected sectors for now include iron and steel, cement, hydrogen, energy and fertiliser producers. Should you want to learn more on this, please contact us! 

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2024.02.28 | Mapping Carbon Footprint of Oil and Gas Service Provider
In 2025, all public listed companies (PLCs) in Malaysia will be required by Bursa Malaysia to disclose their carbon (Greenhouse Gases) emissions. In line with this, many PLCs are starting the journey to map out their greenhouse gases emissions (or carbon footprint) before moving on to decarbonisation pathway. Eco-Ideal is pleased to be appointed by a major oil and gas player whom are providing various support services to oil and gas industries to develop their inaugural GHG inventory based on international GHG reporting standards. The activities will cover their global operations. 

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2024.02.09 | Can BioChar be Carbon Credit Potential? 
Our CEO Soon Hun Yang and CTO Chen Saw Ling attended the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) Roundtable on Biochar organised by Bursa Malaysia's BCX team on 22 Feb 2024. The roundtable was attended by a wide range of stakeholders and the discussion on potential of biochar as a solution for biomass waste created a lot of interesting discussions and thoughts.

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2024.02.09 | Wishing All Our Esteemed Clients and Associates Happy Chinese New Year!
Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd will be taking a short break in conjunction to the celebration of the chinese lunar new year 2024.
We would like to wish all our clients, associates, friends and families a joyful, blessed celebration. This year is the year of the "Wooden"
Dragon - Hopeful it will be a good year for sustainability sector. Gong Xi Fatt Chai All!


2024.01.12 | GHG Inventory Support for Automotive and Tile Manufacturers
Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd is working with a major automotive and tile manufacturer to develop their greenhouse gases emission as part of their decarbonisation journey. As part of the project, our team visited the factories and assessed the emission sources as well as potential emission reduction initiatives. A decarbonisation roadmap has been developed in close consultation with the group and hopefully we can help them to contribute to Malaysia's aspiration to reduce carbon emissions. 


2024.01.01 | GHG Inventory Support for Palm Oil Conglomerate 
Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd will assist a major palm oil conglomerate to continue tracking their greenhouse gases emission for the third year as part of their decarbonisation journey. The scope will include charting their latest reporting year, including scope 1, 2 and selected sub-categories of scope 3. The GHG reporting is an essential part of the ESG reporting under the Bursa Malaysia's Sustainability Reporting Guidance requirement.


2023.12.29 | Carbon Footprinting for Coffee Restaurant Chain 
Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd has been appointed by one of the largest coffee restaurant chains in Malaysia to undertake an assessment of their carbon footprint from the entire food and beverage operations throughout Malaysia and Singapore. The coverage will include different emission scopes and we are excited to help the group on their decarbonisation journey.  


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